Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our company and services by reading the answers to frequently asked questions.

How many people can ride in a Sedan?

3 – 4 Adults

How many people can ride in an SUV?

6 adults + driver

How many people can ride in a Small Party Bus Mercades Sprinter?

Up to 15 young adults max.  Up to 12 adults max.

Are there dance poles in the Party Bus?

Yes, all Party Buses have a dance pole. However, the dance pole can be removed from all party buses by request.

Do Party Buses have a bar?

Yes, for adults only. Choice of champagne or wine. Choice of soda or juice.

Can we bring our own food?


Do Party Buses have karaoke?

Yes, by request karaoke is available. Standard songs are included. For special music or specific artists, bring your disk with the music.

Are there bathrooms on the Party Buses?

No, but drivers can make stops if necessary.

Can Party Buses travel outside California?


Do you require drug tests for you drivers?

Yes. In addition, we require background checks and a three step interview process before hiring our drivers.

Do you have Special Occasion Packages?

Yes.  For example, student discounts are available for prom.

What's included with Special Occasion Packages?

Bouquet of helium balloons with names and choice of standard colors.

Which winery locations Do you travel to?

We provide transportation to the following winery locations: Malibu, Temecula, Santa Barbara.

Can Party Buses travel outside California?


Where are you located?

 Our office is located at: 3700 Overland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034.

Do you have other office locations?

Yes. We have other offices in: Marina del Rey, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Brentwood and Santa Monica.